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#008 - FSTWT - The Shame Series: Episode 1 of 3 - Kevin’s Face

April 11, 2018

Skanky Dan Cover

Episode one of the Shame Series examines some of Fred's earlier embarrassments. From emotional intimidation, to garden variety harassment, to physical assault, Fred has made a few mistakes. Dr. Jazzy premieres a product for the knee-taker in us all. Obituary of the Week shows there may not be anyone thinking of you.



#007.2 - FSTWT - Apple ID Scam Call

January 27, 2018


We've been receiving calls from scammers, posing as Apple reps, all day. You can see why I don't do voice-over work. My accent travels about 12,000 miles in 5 minutes.

New, full-length episode is coming. Part One of the Shame Series.

Thanks to everyone who's been following.


#007.1 - FSTWT - Egg Nog Apocalypse

December 27, 2017


Egg Nog Season ends early. It’s a bloodbath, in there.


#007 - Fred Says the Wrong Things Podcast

November 13, 2017


Fred doesn't mean to brag. Still, can you talk to the animals? Fred intends to follow through with a gender transition and then become an accountant. A new sponsor gives the ladies a league of their own on Sundays. Michael Jackson literally puts a spin on PTSD. Obituary of the Week shows everyone is a country person at heart. Cock-a-doodle-doo, motherfucker.


#006 - Fred Says the Wrong Things Podcast

November 4, 2017

Everything Fred owns is breaking. Fred is resentful toward medical professionals who point out his weight problems. Eggnog is good for two things...killing Fred and exposing pederasts. Fred abuses his undergarments.


#005 - Fred Says the Wrong Things Podcast

August 22, 2017

Fred is ashamed to welcome two new sponsors. Fred's daughter comes in off the top rope and swims with the sharks. Captain Marvel has some real issues to work through thanks to public land and Obituary of the Week takes it easy.


#004 - Fred Says the Wrong Things Podcast

June 23, 2017


Fred hates the Urban Hillbillies and the Douchebag Docents. Dr. Jazzy makes a few mistakes. Fred's friend is more conscientious about euthanizing his dog than most people. A new sponsor offers an important update to a time-honored game. Obituary of the Week makes Fred cry.


#003 - Fred Says the Wrong Things Podcast

June 9, 2017


 Fred explores two things he anticipated to be great, but which turned out to be otherwise. Things like seducing handicapped women or auditioning for a pornographic film. Dr. Jazzy offers a product for the busy protestor. A new sponsor joins, offering a brand new meal delivery service with a modern focus. Obituary of the Week introduces us to a nice man in Baton Rouge, La.


#002 - Fred Says the Wrong Things Podcast

January 19, 2017

Fred's back for week two with another useful product from Dr. Jazzy, Blackout Theater, Obituary of the Week and an exclusive music release from a famous mystery artist.


#001 - Fred Says the Wrong Things Podcast

January 19, 2017

Fred starts his podcast with new sponsors, gluttony, his daughter dating and more.